Imperial sky

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Imperial sky

The Imperial Hotel, London is a fantastic piece of 1960's concrete architectural design (although built in 1970 I believe). Looking from across the street you really don't get the full effect of its geometry but from street level, directly under, it really comes to life and is quite imposing... in a good way. You have to look up to get the effect and most people just walk on by on their journey, mostly because it is their daily route and also because constantly looking up whilst walking in London is probably going to get you run over. But the architect must have had in mind the first time visitor, looking up at the hotel he was going to stay at and thinking 'ok, that's different!'. From that perspective it is wonderful; a bit dated but non the worse for it.
For this picture I wanted to make it less about the fact it is a hotel and more about the geometry and drama of the building itself. The C-type metallic print brings out the textural qualities quite nicely.

Printed on C-Type Metallic


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