First of all, thanks for dropping by to check out my website.
My photography, for the most part, is not about trying to capture an accurate reproduction of what I see but about extracting from the image qualities that are not apparent to the naked eye. Colours are manipulated to give a painted feel, detail of cloud structures brought out to give a sense of drama (I love clouds by the way!) and where I'm interested in patterns the object itself might be obscure and the picture can become quite abstract.
Whilst this is not photography in it's purest form, the pictures are not photoshopped in the sense of adding elements not originally there. The manipulations are that of colour, contrast and grain structures, which admittedly have a dramatic effect but for the most part are digital treatments of what in the analogue days would have be done in film or print processing. Indeed, some of the pictures are achieved just using film simulations.
Ultimately I'm just interested in the final image, does it look good and convey emotionally what I'm going for, not how I got there or whether it resembles what was in front of me when I took the photorgraph.
When you look through the collections you will see that many pictures have up to six different versions (especially in microcosm). When I'm processing images I often come up with many treatments and can't decide which I like best, so rather than choose one I've just included them all.
I'm based in the UK so if I don't mention where the picture is taken it's probably somewhere in England. I hope you enjoy the collection and if you have any questions please send me an email.